I go up and down. I depart and I come back. All in a whirlwind of sounds, voices, colors and smells. How many times have I taken these stairs without actually looking at the buzzing world around. How much graffiti in bright colors on the walls. The air is full of smells of the people that run frantically. I hear the loud music of the mixing voices. Rock music in the distance. A shiver, it’s my favorite track.

The new Autumn-Winter 2020 collection is designed for a new generation of gentlemen who wear unique and distinctive garments, to be kept forever. English sartorial elegance meets the relaxed luxury of Boglioli, the British textile tradition perfectly blends with Italian manufacturing art.

Tartan occupies a special chapter in the history of fashion because it seems to possess an inexhaustible capacity for regeneration. Overwhelming and irreverent, tartan is the protagonist of jackets with underground taste and torn kilts.

The winter palette is tinged with nuances and patterns of delicate charm; from calce to the shades of ocher and quartz, passing through the green oil of the English countryside, ending with the Baltic blue and the slate gray of city life.

The deconstructed jackets, the overcoats and the dry suits are cut into soft fabrics - wool, garment-dyed cashmere and velvet. The fabrics with a “raw” appearance - shetland, tweed, lambswool are brushed and washed to reach the softness that has always characterized the style of the brand.