Style Guide

Guide to shirt fabrics

Shirts are an essential garment in every man's wardrobe: they bring an added value and a personal touch to the overall outfit. Therefore, choosing the ideal shirt requires great care.


Style guide to the Smart Casual Dress Code

In men's fashion, look is a factor of the utmost importance that must be carefully studied in every single situation.


What is the difference between a jacket and a blazer?

This is a legitimate question when it comes to choosing one's outfit. Finding one’s way in the world of men's clothing is not always easy…


Men's Dress Code

With the term men's dress code, we refer to a dress code generally required for special occasions and fancy events.

Casual Chic

Drawing inspiration from past trends, the concept of casual chic in men's fashion defines the process of reinventing lines and shapes to achieve contemporary outfits, informal looks and a laidback style.

Tricot knitted tie

The tie is an essential accessory in contemporary men's wardrobe. Always very popular and worn on the most elegant occasions, the tie adds a touch of class and distinction to one’s outfit.

Man Outerwear Style Guide

Field Jacket, Bomber, Parka, Hemingway or Duster, what to choose? Find out more about the differences among the styles of the Boglioli Spring Summer Collection outerwear.


Milano mi incanta

Milan. The streets are quiet. I stop to admire the beauty of the city from my window. In these moments I realize how much Milan has the power to enchant me with the majesty of its architecture...


Center the ball and go

It’s a hot summer afternoon, spent playing bocce. A stained glass window divides the entrance from the bowling green. The light is dim, there doesn’t seem to be many people. I approach the area of the card tables...


Shoes and the city

Narrow alleys, stairways, sunny squares, splendid gardens that still breathe in ancient magnificence....


Unlined men's Jackets

Men's jackets play a major role in men’s fashion. Boglioli’s new catalogue offers plenty of options to enrich one’s wardrobe with unique garments such as the unlined jackets, a light and charming clothing item…